Ways to Give

Make a Onetime Monetary Donation

Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what enables us to identify and empower At-risk Children and Victims of Sex trafficking. Your donations provide them with a second chance at life. You can pay for your sponsorship in a variety of ways, including through a bank transfer, credit card gift, wire transfer or personal check. 

You can also donate by clicking on Please Donate Here below OR You can mail a personal check addressed to GIFT  and send it to us at P O Box 5444, Sherman Oaks, California 91413, United States.

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Become a Monthly GIFT Supporter

Contribute monthly to our educational programs for the children in a community serviced by GIFT. Monthly Donors receive updates and success stories on our overall results in the country through our newsletters. 

Monthly Donations are ongoing, voluntary contributions to our educational workshops and events. You decide how long you’re able to help. For your Monthly Donations, we recommend setting up an automatic (or recurring) bank transfer, because it saves us on the significant processing fees. 



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GIFT School Sponsorship Program

School Sponsorship is a unique kind of empowerment program that connects one child in need with one compassionate donor who agrees to pay School Tuition Expenses for a year for the child! Becoming a sponsor means giving children the chance to grow up safe, educated and empowered – forever changing their life and future. 

When you become a sponsor, GIFT does not give your donation directly to your sponsored child. If you pay School Sponsorship for the entire year, the money is paid to the school for the sponsored child. If you chose to make a partial payment or a smaller amount towards our School Sponsorship Program, we combine your donation with the support of other sponsors to help support educational projects in your sponsored child’s community. 

Email us at Info@Giftorg.us

Workplace Giving

At GIFT, our team of corporate relationship managers will brainstorm with you to create the perfect campaign for your organization. We understand that every corporation is unique and we would love to collaborate with you to raise funds for children who need it the most.

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for your employees to support GIFT’s mission. Your participation helps fund vital research, programs and services. No matter what size your contribution, your dollars add up to make a difference. 

Your company and its employees can make a difference and help those in need around the world through workplace giving. Join the hundreds of other Fortune 1000 companies that have raised millions of dollars through workplace giving for children who are potential targets of trafficking. Email us at Info@Giftorg.us to connect with our Corporate Relationship Team.

Email us at Info@Giftorg.us

Matching Gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs that will double or even triple charitable contributions made by their employees. Matching gifts increase the impact of gifts from your employees and support the mission of GIFT. Consider adding your name to the list! Motivate your employees to volunteer with GIFT by matching hours served with a financial donation from your company. A matching grant for an employee volunteering acts as an alternative to a matching gift program for employees who are able to donate time but not money. It also motivates employees to engage more deeply in the community through volunteer work.Email us at Info@Giftorg.us to connect with our Corporate Relationship Team 

Email us at Info@Giftorg.us

Event or Program Sponsorship Opportunities

By sponsoring one of our community programs, you can contribute to a stronger, more resilient community for your employees, your customers, your business partners and your own families. Join us as a sponsor of one of our current initiatives or design your own program that will align with your corporate philanthropic goals and help GIFT meet our mission. Email us at Info@Giftorg.us to sponsor a GIFT empowerment event for children.

Email us at Info@Giftorg.us

Honor Someone Special

Acknowledge a special occasion or honor a loved one with a memorial gift to GIFT.  We will send a letter to the person being honored. If the person is a loved one who has passed away, we will publish a thank you note in our Donor Spotlight Section to honor their memory and the Gift on their behalf. 

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Create Your Own Fundraiser

There are endless ways to start a Fundraiser for GIFT. You can donate your Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook to GIFT. You can plan your own fundraiser event by collaborating with our team. Email us at Info@Giftorg.us if you would like to create a fundraising event for GIFT.

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